Academic writing

My academic site has lots of links to papers, and in the right-hand column of this page I've linked to the Amazon pages for my book, translations, and edited volumes. Below are links to selected papers on theological topics.

Augustine and the Platonists

This lecture explains how Augustine transformed Platonic philosophy into a vehicle for his own Christian thought.

Augustine's Biblical Interpretation

This chapter from The Cambridge Companion to Augustine examines Augustine's approach to biblical exegesis in both theory and practice.

Saint Anselm

This article from The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy offers an overview of Anselm's thought.

God Who Sows the Seed and Gives the Growth

In this essay, published in the Anglican Theological Review, I talk about Saint Anselm's theology of the Holy Spirit.

Credo ut mirer: Anselm on Sacred Beauty

This short paper, published in the Modern Schoolman, considers Anselm's interest in metaphors drawn from painting and connects it with his understanding of faith and reason.

Sin, Grace, and Redemption in Abelard

In this chapter from The Cambridge Companion to Abelard I show that (contrary to received wisdom) Abelard did not teach a purely exemplarist theory of the Atonement.

Thomas Aquinas and the Ethics of Virtue

This essay is the introduction to Thomas Aquinas: Disputed Questions on the Virtues. It traces the relations between natural-law theory and virtue ethics in Aquinas's thought and situates Aquinas's view in its historical context.

The Doctrine of Univocity is True and Salutary

This contribution to a symposium on John Duns Scotus in Modern Theology defends Scotus's account of theological language against the misplaced objections of Radical Orthodoxy.

Describing God

This chapter from The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy examines different approaches to theological language in medieval Islamic, Jewish, and Christian philosophy.